VEVOR Telescoping Ladder 10.5FT 12.5FT and 15 FT Aluminum One-button Retraction Extension Ladder 375lbs 400lbs Capacity


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VEVOR Telescoping Ladder 10.5FT 12.5FT and 15 FT Aluminum One-button Retraction Extension Ladder 375lbs 400lbs Capacity

  • Model Number: DLT212B

400lbs Superior Load Capacity: VEVOR telescopic ladder is made of thickened aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, with a maximum load capacity of up to 400lbs. The interface components are also designed with aluminum alloy to withstand freezing weather. The product has been certified by ANSI and EN131 systems, ensuring your peace of mind during use. Anti-wobble & Anti-slip: To enhance safety, we have widened the steps to 3” / 75 mm and extended the aluminum tubes at the step junction to 3” / 17 cm. Together with the top anti-slip sleeve and bottom anti-slip foot design, the ladder has reduced wobbling during climbing and standing, providing protection for both walls and floors. Convenient Storage: The foldable telescopic ladder is lightweight and compact, making it easy for female users to carry. You can place it almost anywhere, including under the sofa, behind doors, or in the car trunk. It is more portable and space-saving than traditional ladders. Independent Locking: The ladder can be adjusted in length through the independent locking keys on each step. The independent locking design ensures better safety during frequent climbing operations. When retracting the ladder, simply use both thumbs to release the lock buttons for a slow and smooth descent, avoiding any risk of pinching your fingers, making the operation safe and simple. Professional Climbing Assistant: With an extended height of 15ft, the ladder is suitable for professionals and home users who require frequent use of ladders. It can be used for house renovation, equipment installation, construction site aerial work, home repairs and decorations, painting, and more. 375lbs Superior Load Capacity: VEVOR’s telescoping ladder is professionally crafted from an aviation-grade aluminum alloy, with a maximum load capacity of 375 lbs (170 kg). The plastic interface components are reinforced with nylon plastic, making it difficult to break and does not leave plastic traces. Moreover, it has passed ANSI and N131 tests, ensuring a long service life. Get ready to reach new heights! The Stability You Can Trust: To improve security, we have made significant upgrades to the step interface regarding its material and structure, which will be durable for years to come. You will no longer have to deal with constant replacements, saving you money! With the non-slip top cover and the bottom non-slip feet cover, the retractable ladder is almost not shaking when climbing and standing on it. Also, it can protect walls and floors from scratches. Easy to Carry & Store: This 12.5 ft telescopic ladder is lightweight and easy to carry. Female users can also carry it effortlessly due to its lightweight frame. You can put it almost anywhere, including under the sofa, behind the door, and in the car’s trunk. It is more portable and takes up less space than traditional bulky ladders. The choice has never been easier. Get with the times and update your arsenal! One Button Retraction: Are you tired of restrictions Get ready for a compact size you can trust! The telescoping extension ladder can be retracted at any length. There is no need to retract components separately, saving you time. Press the thumb button, and it will automatically descend at a smooth and slow speed, ensuring that your fingers will not be pinched. It is so convenient to operate. A Trustworthy Assistant: The maximum height of the collapsible ladder is 12.5 ft (3.8 m), and it can be used in households daily, indoors and outdoors. Suitable for home repair, decoration, wall painting, bulb changing, tree pruning, RV ladder, etc. No matter what you need, your new ladder will be there! Package Content 1 x Telescoping Ladder

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