Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef s Knife


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Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef s Knife

Made from VG-10 stainless steel, Shun knives are specially constructed to be harder, less brittle, but also more flexible than traditional steel formulations. The VG-10 core is then clad with 16 full layers of SUS410 high-carbon stainless steel on each side, for a total of 33 layers. These layers not only protect the VG-10, they create an exquisitely-detailed surface reminiscent of Damascus or pattern-forged steel, the kind once used for Samurai swords. As a result, the knives are simply stunning to look at–much like antique Damascus knives but without their tendency to rust. As an additional benefit, the slight patterning helps slice rather than crush delicate foods and keeps cut food from sticking to the blade.

– Blade material: High-carbon VG-10, Super steel
– Blade length: 8 inches
– Handle material: PakkaWood
– Care instructions: Hand wash recommended
– Set includes: One (1) chef’s knife
– Model: DM0706

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