Sealed food storage containers


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Sealed food storage containers

  • Dimensions: 6.5 In. W X 17.0 In. H X 13.0 In. D
  • Model Number: 713794137
  • Material: Plastic
  • Assembly: Assembled
  • Color: White
  • Organizer Type: Food Storage

Don’t worry about organizing our storage room and storing fresh food in sets. Rubber freshness seal keeps your cereals, pasta and oatmeal in perfect condition!
No longer need to search for food containers to find the appropriate size. No matter which kitchen storage container you use, you can use our lid size. Now, you don’t have to guess when your favorite snacks have run out!
The organizer of this food storage room is very clear and can let you know when you need to restock. The leaky paper bags of these sealed food storage containers have become a thing of the past. These sturdy plastic cans will not tear and remain chaotic!

– The engineering high-strength handle will not crack or break
– Crystal transparent container showcases your content
– BPA free airtight seal keeps food fresh for a longer time
– Standard size covers can be interchanged with all sizes
– The container is easy to open, close, and observe
– Persistent freshness means less waste
– Multiple sizes to meet all your storage needs
– Cover material: plastic+silicone
– Container material: plastic
– Temperature range: 32-158 degrees Fahrenheit

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