OEMTOOLS 22485 3 Piece Magnetic Socket Organizers, Socket Organizers for Toolboxes, Socket Organizer, Magnetic Socket Holder, Green Tool Box Organizer


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OEMTOOLS 22485 3 Piece Magnetic Socket Organizers, Socket Organizers for Toolboxes, Socket Organizer, Magnetic Socket Holder, Green Tool Box Organizer

  • Features: Tool Storage
  • Brand: OEMTools
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 22485
  • Assembled Product Weight: 4.1 lb
  • Manufacturer: GreatNeckSaw MFG
  • Color: Green
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 15.10 x 3.75 x 3.75 Inches

Finding the right socket in a pile or a tool box drawer wastes time you could be spending on automotive or household projects. Wouldn t it be nice to have socket storage for tool chest drawers and tool boxes that are easily carried and conveniently magnetic OEMTOOLS 22485 3 Piece Magnetic Socket Organizers have you covered. This set is the best SAE socket organizer on the market. Take this socket organizer for toolboxes anywhere. Easily carried, you can stick our strong magnetic socket tray on any ferrous surface. Lifts, rolling carts, tool chests, and more become convenient storage spaces to attach your magnetic socket tray organizer. These magnetic tool box accessories make your sockets more accessible for automotive, electrical, and home maintenance. Our socket trays for tool boxes can even be set upside down without losing sockets. Don t waste time looking for the right size socket with our socket holders organizers for tool box’s easy-to-identify sizing system. Our 3-piece socket holder magnetic set comes with 68 slots a 3/8 socket holder, 1/2 socket organizer, and 1/4 socket organizer. Each mobile socket organizer is a shallow and deep socket holder that easily accommodates to most tool chest drawers. Changing out sockets for your pneumatic ratchets and power tools is quick and easy with the identifiable numbers on the socket holders tray. No need to worry about your 3/8 socket organizer damaging your ferrous metallic surfaces with the OEM TOOLS socket organizer’s rubberized backing. The rubberized backing on our magnet socket organizer keeps your surfaces safe from scratches. These socket holders for tool box don t hold impact sockets. Our magnetic socket organizers for toolboxes come in a variety of colors, provided to differentiate metric socket storage from socket organizers SAE. Organize your home, shop, or garage efficiently with OEMTOOLS 22485 3 Piece Magnetic Socket Organizers.

OEMTOOLS 22485 3 Piece Magnetic Socket Organizers

– MOBILE ORGANIZER: Moving sockets about the garage or shop with our magnetic socket organizer set is easy; Attach our socket organizer tray to metallic lifts, rolling carts, and more; Easily carried; Works upside down on tricky jobs without spills
– QUICK SORT STORAGE: Identify sockets easily with the magnetic socket holders; Our magnetic tool organizer is numbered for ease-of-use; This 3-piece set comes with 68 slots, in 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch sizes for deep and shallow sockets
– EFFICIANCY ENHANCMENT: OEM TOOLS magnetic tray’s sizing system makes your shop or garage extra efficient; Find the right socket for your pneumatic ratchet or power tools immediately with our socket set organizer; Does not hold impact sockets.
– STRONG MAGNETIC HOLD: Get creative with our magnetic socket tray on ferrous surfaces; Sticks to tool chests, rolling carts, lifts, you name it; Our magnetic socket tray holds sockets firmly; Handy tool box socket tray/tool chest organizer
– DURABLE SURFACE PRESERVER: No one likes damaged surfaces; Our socket organizer magnetic rubberized backing keeps your metallic surfaces scratch free; OEM socket organizers are made with high-impact plastic to survive your hectic garage or shop

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions3.75 × 3.75 × 15.1 cm