KOBLENZ ENDURANCE SERIES – Industrial Wet-Dry Vac 28 Front Mount Squeegee/ Dust Mop Assembly


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KOBLENZ ENDURANCE SERIES – Industrial Wet-Dry Vac 28 Front Mount Squeegee/ Dust Mop Assembly

  • Features: Easy Clean|Compact Design
  • Brand: Koblenz
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 00-3975-0
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Koblenz
  • Model: 00-3975-0

Don’t waste time and money swabbing a mop across the floor or continue to spread bacteria from dirty water mop heads! Work smart and use KOBLENZ ENDURANCE SERIES 28″ Front mount Industrial/Janitorial-Sanitation commercial grade floor squeegee/extraction kit. Its the perfect accessory for hard surface floor cleaning in strip malls, rental complexes, offices, airports, hospitals, workshops, factories and similar building environments. This product fits onto the front of KOBLENZ ENDURANCE SERIES AI-1660 and AI-1960 series commercial wet-dry vacuums. Our innovative front mount squeegee and dust mop assembly will not only save you space and time, but will also ensure that you’re using the best equipment possible to clean floors.

– CLEAN COMMERCIAL FLOORS BETTER AND FASTER – 28″ Front mount industrial grade squeegee with extraction kit
– IDEAL FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDING FLOORS Commonly used in strip malls, rental complexes, office, airports, hospitals, workshops, factories
– EXTREME CLEAN WITH EASE Simultaneously traps dirty liquid or dry dust while being extracted through squeegee hose and the powerful suction of KOBLENZ ENDURANCE SERIES wet-dry vacs
– RUGGED CONSTRUCTION Solid steel frame, industrial grade rubber squeegee, guide rollers for up close edge cleaning and premium extraction hose
– USED WITH KOBLENZ ENDURANCE SERIES industrial grade wet-dry vacuums model numbers 00-4907-2 16 Gallon and 00-4908-0 19 Gallon
– PURCHASE GUARANTEE- KOBLENZ is the industry leading GOLD INNOVATION AWARD recipient manufacturer located in North America with priority shipping service from our US warehouse, continuing to provide professional customer service satisfaction for over 60 years.

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