Glass food storage box


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Glass food storage box

  • Material: Glass
  • Assembly: Assembled
  • Color: White
  • Organizer Type: Food Storage
  • Dimensions: 4.0 In. W X 11.0 In. H X 4.0 In. D
  • Model Number: 885537293

This glass food storage container is well crafted and beautifully designed. These glass containers have transparent plastic covers, which are 100% airtight, leak proof sealed, and secure latches for easy reheating and storage.
The built-in vent below the latch allows steam to escape, so you can use the microwave to heat food without splashing without removing the lid.
The crystal clear lid and base make it easy to see what is stored inside. The lid is made of anti fouling plastic cover, which is anti fouling and anti odor, helping them maintain a brand new appearance.
These food storage containers save space and adopt modular design, which can be perfectly organized and stacked in refrigerators or cabinets. The universal lid is suitable for all glossy containers, regardless of the material type.
Leak proof and airtight: The rubber maid glossy glass food storage container has a crystal transparent lid, 100% airtight and leak proof, as well as odor and stain proof
Easy to store and reheat: The glass container has a ventilated microwave oven safety cover, making it easy to prevent splashing in the microwave oven

– Space saving: Modular rubber maid containers that save space are perfect for stacking and organizing
– Oven safety: The glass base can be used as a safe oven at temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so they can be used as both glass cookware and tableware
– Easy to use: BPA free, dishwasher safe (using the top shelf of the lid), microwave safe, only reheating when the lid is not locked, freezing safe
– Intelligent lid system: Universal lid is suitable for all containers, regardless of material type
– Set includes: four 3.2 cup glass containers with lids, totaling 8 pieces

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