Electric Tankless Instant Hot Water Heater for Shower


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Electric Tankless Instant Hot Water Heater for Shower

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Assembly: Assembled
  • Color: Black
  • Product Features: Includes Hardware
  • Dimensions: 10.91 In. W X 2.25 In. H X 7.33 In. D
  • Warranty: 60 day Limited Manufacturer
  • Model Number: HG-HJWJL-942

Note: This product must be connected with an air circuit-breaker, not a plug-in socket.


– Color: Black/White/Blue/Gold
– Heating Material: Stainless steel heating cup
– Voltage: 220V/ 50Hz(Black) / 110V(White; Blue; Gold)
– Power: 6500W(Black) / 4500W(White; Blue; Gold)
– Waterproof Grade: IPX4
– Inlet Mode: Under Water Inlet
– Temperature: 30-55 (water flow adjustable)
– Size: Approx. 29.5*18.5*6.5cm/ 11.61*7.28*2.56″
– Water pipe thread size: 1/2″
– Water Heater Lift: Unlimited
– Support Thermostat: Yes
– Style: Vertical
– Over-Temperature Protection: Yes, when over-temperature automatic power-off.


1. Heating in 3 seconds, really thermostat without waiting.

2. Automatically detect the boot, automatic pressure relief drain, automatic over-temperature protection.

3. Built-in dual anti-grid, stainless steel hose explosion-proof, 0.1 second automatic power-off when leakage.

4. Heating wire with nano-electric film, insulation power, not water scale.

5. Large-screen digital display, touch operation.

6. Tempered glass, heat, insulation, anti-corrosion, anti-deformation.

7. Copper galvanized inlet and outlet, durable, anti-rust.

8. Easy installation, can be hung up on the wall.

Warm Tips:

1. The water heater must be installed ground electrode.

2. You must connect the water before power on.

3. It is forbidden to heat the water heater when there is no water or frozen.

4. Before use, please use your hand to test the water temperature to avoid scalding.

5. After a period of use, there will be water quality in the water heater, which will cause uneven heating, and it is easy to burn out the main board. If the customer does not use it for a long time, it is recommended to recoil it if it is used again. There is a good suggestion, that is, customers can purchase and install a filter at the place where the water enters, just like the tap water we use to filter out the scale and miscellaneous juice, which is conducive to the long-term normal use of the water heater.

Package Included:

– 1x Water Heater
– 1x Shower Nozzle
– 1x Outlet Pipe
– 1x Set of Accessories
– 1x English User Manual

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