Backlit LED Bathroom Wall Mirror with Dimmable 3 Colors Anti-Fog


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Backlit LED Bathroom Wall Mirror with Dimmable 3 Colors Anti-Fog

  • Style: Modern & Contemporary
  • Frame Color: Silver
  • Mirror Shape: Rectangular
  • Frame Material: Glass
  • Color: Silver
  • Commercial: Yes
  • Frame Finish: Mirrored
  • Mirror Size: Large (over 32 high)
  • Mount Type: Wall Mounted
  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Product Features: Fog Free
  • Dimensions: 31.52 In. W X 31.52 In. H X 1.77 In. D
  • Warranty: 180 day Limited Manufacturer
  • Model Number: Touch Sensor

Some tips for selecting bathroom mirror:

How to choose the size of the mirror

It is recommended that the width of the mirror be flush with the width of the washbasin (within 90cm). If your sink is large or has two sinks, in order to show a sense of spaciousness, it is recommended to choose the largest size possible (also with the largest defogging area) or two mirrors.

What kind of mirror is a good mirror

The copper-free silver-plated mirror has a high fidelity of 95-97%, highly displays the real skin tone, and presents the most realistic makeup effect.

How to choose the button background color

Highly reflective colors (eg blue, red ) may affect the sleep and mood of light-sensitive people. The warm yellow sensor background color can bring great visual comfort. Our switch color is warm when in off state.

Is it best to choose a brand mirror that is easy to maintain

Mirror is the focal point of a bathroom, but it is also a semi-electronic product, there may be some use problems, such as failure of lights and buttons after two years of use. So it’s better to buy branded products that can be repaired very simply, and you’ll save a lot of money.


Dimmable brightness to satisfy your different needs

Three touch switches for easy control brightness, switch color temps and anti-fog

Anti-fog function ensures you can see a clear reflection when taking shower

Energy efficient, service life of about 50,000 hours, save electricity bill

Memory function, the lighting color will be the same as the last one you turned off

Delivered fully assembled. Easily hang to the wall horizontally or vertically

There is a cable entry on every four sides of the mirror for easily connect to electric wire

Led strip wrapped into a silicone cover for protection, features IP65 rating


– Input Voltage: 110V/5A
– Output Voltage: 12V/3A
– Lighting Colors: White, warm, natural white light
– Waterproof: IP44
– Power: 24W
– Operating Voltage: DC12V
– Output Current: 0-5A(UK AUS EUR) 0-5A(US)
– Frequency: 50/60Hz
– Led Bulb Type: 2835
– Waterproof Rating: IP65 (with silicone cover)
– Color Temperature: 3500K-6500K


– Lumen: 1000-6000LM
– Product Dimension: 23.6″ x 31.5″
– Length of Wire: 98.4″
– Thickness of Mirror: 1.6″


– Lumen: 1000-4000LM
– Product Dimension: 19.7″x27.5″
– Length of Wire: 82.7″
– Thickness of Mirror: 1.6″


– Lumen: 1000-5500LM
– Net Weight: 19.2 lbs
– Product Dimension: 27.5″ x 35.4″
– Length of Wire: 114.2 lbs
– Thickness of Mirror: 1.6″


– Lumen: 1000-3800LM
– Net Weight: 5.2kg/ 11.5 lbs
– Product Dimension: 19.7″x27.5″
– Length of Wire: 63″
– Thickness of Mirror: 1.6″


– Lumen: 1000-5500LM
– Net Weight: 17.6 lbs
– Product Dimension: 31.5″ x 31.5″
– Length of Wire: 90.5″
– Thickness of Mirror: 0.2″

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