Westlake SA07 245/40ZR18 97Y Passenger Tire


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Westlake SA07 245/40ZR18 97Y Passenger Tire

  • Tire Diameter: 18 in
  • Tire Terrain: Highway Terrain
  • Construction Type: Radial
  • Tire Size: 245/40ZR18
  • Brand: Westlake
  • Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle
  • Tire Width: 245
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 40
  • Wheel Diameter: 18
  • Warranty Distance: 45000 miles
  • Tire Season: All-Season
  • Tire Speed Rating: Y
  • Tire Type: Passenger Car Tires
  • Tire Load Index: 97
  • Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG): 460 A A
  • Tire Traction Rating: A
  • Tire Treadwear Rating: 460
  • Tread Depth: 10/32
  • Assembled Product Weight: 26.9 lb
  • Model: SA07
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 24082011
  • Manufacturer: Westlake
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 26.00 x 9.80 x 26.00 Inches

The Westlake SA07 is an enhanced performance sports tire built for all-season performance. Sedans, CUVs, and touring cars are some of the vehicles for which you can find SA07 tire sizes. You will enjoy an improved ride as the SA07 are optimized to give you better handling and stability. The tread is designed with circumferential channels to provide you with lateral stability and precise responsiveness, this also increases the rapid expulsion of water from the tire so that your grip stays firm and strong through a variety of weather conditions and seasons. There are large outside shoulder blocks and deep tread grooves for the times when you really need to keep tires gripping the road. The all-season siping enhances tread life which means more tire for your dollar. Additionally, it improves handling to give you more fun behind the wheel. The enhanced tread compound contains silica to provide a lower rolling resistance in wet conditions and better fuel efficiency.

Dual steel belt and polyester cord body design

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Weight26 kg
Dimensions26 × 9.8 × 26 cm