VEVOR Compound Trinocular and Binocular Compound Microscope,Phone Holder and Microscope Slides


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VEVOR Compound Trinocular and Binocular Compound Microscope,Phone Holder and Microscope Slides

  • Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 14.17 In. L X 8.66 In. W X 5.51 In. H
  • Model Number: XSP-36-2500X

High-Definition Imaging: With 12/6 magnification options and advanced imaging, our trinocular compound microscope delivers image clarity surpassing regular lens microscopes on the market. Explore plant cell structures, observe the microscopic world, and unveil the mysteries of micro-details.

Precision Focusing System: Equipped with an ultra-precise focusing system, this trinocular and binocular lab microscope offers both coarse and fine adjustments for accurate and smooth focusing. The adjustable LED lighting system adapts to various lighting conditions, ensuring optimal illumination for clear imaging.

User-Friendly Design: Designed with a dual-layer stage to secure specimens, our biological microscope with a rotatable observation head enhances comfortability. The ergonomic focus knobs for effortless focal adjustments, providing a convenient user experience.

Comprehensive Accessory Set: Includes cover slides, glass slides, test tubes, culture dishes, and other accessories needed for various experiments and observations. It also comes with an external screen interface for easy computer connection, enabling one-click photography. Whether you’re involved in biology research, medical diagnostics, or environmental science, it supports a wide range of experiments and research activities.

Versatile Applications: The compound microscope 5000x and 2500x is suitable for biology research, medical diagnostics, materials science, environmental science, education, and scientific outreach across various fields. Whether you’re in educational institutions, research facilities, or healthcare, it helps you explore uncharted territories.

Package Content

1 x Compound Microscope

1 x Manual

1 x 5V2A Adapter

1 x Phone Holder

100 x Cover Glass

5 x Carrier Glass

1 x Test Tube

1 x Petri Dish

1 x Set of Accessories

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