Systembuild Evolution Bradbury 48 Extra Large Vertical Wall Mount Tool Organizer, Raw Board


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Systembuild Evolution Bradbury 48 Extra Large Vertical Wall Mount Tool Organizer, Raw Board

  • Material: Wood
  • Assembly: Assembly Required
  • Color: Tan
  • Organizer Type: Garage Tool Storage
  • Product Features: Wall Mounted
  • Dimensions: 24.0 In. W X 48.0 In. H X 12.0 In. D
  • Warranty: 1 year Limited Manufacturer
  • Model Number: DE25952

Unleash the potential of your garage with the Bradbury 48″ Extra Large Vertical Wall Mount Tool Organizer from Systembuild Evolution. With its grain-free stability, the MDF construction surpasses solid wood by resisting expansion and contraction in hot and cold climates, ensuring longevity without warping. This exceptional durability guarantees a safe haven for your tools without any risk of dings or nicks to edges and blades that can be found when using metal alternatives. The Bradbury tool organizer holds up to 8 drills, hammers, hand tools, and drill bits of various sizes. Adjustable shelves allow you to customize the space to suit your needs. No more rummaging through cluttered drawers – every tool has its designated spot. Thanks to wire pass-throughs, you can conveniently charge your tools and batteries without the hassle of tangled cords. The Bradbury 48″ Vertical Tool Organizer also includes a dedicated circular saw storage slot on the top shelf, providing convenience and protection for your blades against damage and dulling. With its wall-mount design, this tool organizer maximizes space utilization, leaving your garage floor and workbench clutter-free. The Tool Organizer ships flat in one box and requires minimal assembly. When mounting the Tool Organizer to the wall, be sure to attach it to two studs. Mounting hardware is not included. The appropriate mounting hardware will depend on the specific characteristics of the wall material onto which the organizer will be affixed. We recommend consulting your local hardware store to determine the necessary wall mount hardware suitable for accommodating the maximum weight capacities of the organizer. Assembled measurements: 23.70″ W x 11.73″ D x 47.56″ H. Assembled weight: 48 lbs.- EXTRA-TALL, EXTRA LARGE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: The Bradbury Tool Organizer from Systembuild Evolution is designed for 8 drills, a cutting saw, chargers, batteries, cords, and more; Durable MDF construction with recycled wood fibers minimizes landfill waste
– GRAIN-FREE STABILITY AND MDF CONSTRUCTION: Unlike solid wood, the grain-free MDF construction ensures durability in hot and cold climates without warping; Raw board reduces the risk of damage to tools from dings and nicks, unlike metal alternatives
– CUSTOMIZABLE WITH WIRE-PASSTHROUGHS: Adjustable shelves to fit various tools; Wire pass-throughs for convenient tool and battery charging; Smooth MDF construction void of knots offer the perfect base for painting and finishing
– WALL MOUNT DESIGN AND SPACE UTILIZATION: With its wall-mount design, the tool organizer maximizes space utilization, keeping the garage floor and workbench clutter-free. It also includes dedicated circular saw storage for easy access to cutting tools
– SHIPPING, MOUNTING AND DIMENSIONS: Tool Organizer ships flat and requires assembly. Measurements: 23.70″ W x 11.73″ D x 47.56″ H. Attach to two studs when mounting. Consult local hardware store for suitable mounting hardware. Hardware not included

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