SoyabellaA Plant-Based Milk Maker


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SoyabellaA Plant-Based Milk Maker

  • Brand: Tribest

Make fresh milk from nuts, seeds, grains, and beans in as little as 15 minutes. And for raw vegans, Soyabella makes delicious raw plant-based milks in seconds! It is also great for making delicious pured soups, superfood cereals, nut and seed creams, and more.

– Make Raw Plant-Based Milks in 30 SecondsMake unheated, raw plant-based milks in as little as 30 seconds. The “RAW” function activates the grinding blade only, so you can grind dry ingredients or make raw almond milk, cashew milk, pumpkin seed milk, and other plant-based milks.
– Make Heated Plant-Based Milks in 15 MinutesThe “HOT” function activates the heating element and grinding blade, allowing you to create nut milks, seed milks, grain milks, soups, cereals, rice paste, and much more in as little as 15 minutes.
– Versatile Grinding FunctionGrind your coffee beans, flax seeds, spices, and other dry ingredients inside the grinding cup. The blade grinds dry ingredients to a smooth, light consistency with its patented helical structure and serrated edge.
– Easy to CleanSoyabella s heating element is enclosed within the stainless steel carafe for heat protection and easy-to-clean, smooth surfaces. There’s no exposed heating coil.
– Built-In Safety Features Built-in safety features prevent messes that can be caused by overflows, dry heating, or overheating. Keep your countertop clean by using the included accessories, like the Soyabella drip cup, between batches to prevent spills.
– Food-Safe Stainless SteelThe stainless steel carafe, screens, and grinding blade plus the BPA-free motor head ensure your beverages do not ever come into contact with harmful chemicals.

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