Plush Police Dog – Party Favors – 12 Pieces


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Plush Police Dog – Party Favors – 12 Pieces

  • Brand: Fun Express
  • Manufacturer: Oriental Trading Company
  • Gender: Unisex

These plush dogs are perfect party favors at a policewoman or policeman birthday party. They’re also fun giveaways for a field trip to the police station. Teach kids to honor and respect law enforcement when you reward them with one of these cute police dogs. They’re keepsakes that might just inspire youngsters to aspire to grow up to serve and protect. 5 1/2″

  • Includes 4 Per Order
  • These diverse dolls make great slumber party favors, and little ones will love putting them on their pillow when they make their bed every morning.
  • Assorted.
  • Material: Plush.
  • (4 pcs./unit)
  • Size: 12″
  • Brand

    Fun Express




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