Multi-use Functional Collapsible Carts, Mobile Folding Trolley, Shopping cart with Storage Crate


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Multi-use Functional Collapsible Carts, Mobile Folding Trolley, Shopping cart with Storage Crate

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 37.5 In. L X 19.5 In. W X 44.5 In. H
  • Model Number: OSHMTPIS_00YATTEX

Convenient & Compact With external dimensions of 37.5″ x 19.5″ x 44.5″, and folding dimensions of 24″ x 7″ x 31.5″, this feature allows for easy storage and transport. The collapsible design of the multifunctional basket ensures that it can be conveniently stowed away when not in use, providing practicality and ease of use for a variety of settings.

High Capacity & Versatility This foldable shopping cart boasts an impressive maximum load capacity of 198 pounds. The lower level can effortlessly support 110 pounds, while the upper level, equipped with support legs, can handle 88 pounds. Whether it’s heavy grocery shopping, transporting goods, or other uses, this cart proves to be a reliable and sturdy solution for all your hauling needs.

Effortless Assembly The shopping cart can be set up in minutes by inserting the detachable wheels, pressing the handle button, and pulling up. When it’s time to store or transport the cart, it easily folds back down with the push of a button. This user-friendly design makes it an ideal companion for your shopping and hauling needs.

Smooth Movement Achieve seamless maneuverability with the ability to stop easily by gently tapping the brake. The heavy-duty PP wheels rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing for smooth and effortless movement even on rough or uneven terrain. This ensures that whether you’re navigating crowded spaces or traveling over challenging surfaces, the cart provides a smooth and hassle-free hauling experience.

Versatile Functionality This adaptable cart fits various environments such as supermarkets, apartments, warehouses, offices, and libraries. Its clever design allows for effortless conversion from a grocery cart to a large-capacity hand truck simply by adjusting the top frame. This versatility ensures the cart effortlessly meets your needs, whether you’re running errands or moving supplies in a professional setting.

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