Ironing Board with Mesh Steel Top – 54.0 L x 14.0 W x 41.0 H


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Ironing Board with Mesh Steel Top – 54.0 L x 14.0 W x 41.0 H

  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Product Features: Folding
  • Dimensions: 54.0 In. L X 14.0 In. W X 41.0 In. H
  • Model Number: 872017

With stunningly chic style and a smart design, this deluxe ironing board stands out from the crowd. Using this ironing board promises crisp results on button-ups, slacks, bedsheets, tablecloths, curtains and more. Unlike SOME other ironing boards, this boasts a high-quality mesh steel top. This durable mesh offers more stability and allows steam and heat to circulate through fabric for better, faster and more even results than you’d get with other steel-top boards. This improved circulation also prevents the build-up of excess moisture or damp spots. This steel mesh top is a must-have feature for anyone who irons frequently, especially with steam or higher temperatures. This ironing board utilizes additional improved features, including durable hex legs with skid-resistant caps and a sleek, elegant matte black finish. The 4 hex legs cover a greater surface area to provide the best form of stability. The FiberTech cover attaches to the ironing board with a simple drawstring cord. Underneath the cover is a high-quality, 6mm-thick fiber pad. This thick layer prevents imprints from the steel ironing surface transferring onto your garments and creates a smoother finish. The cover and pad has been stress tested to ensure durability and resistance to high temperatures. This ironing board creates enviable results and is highly convenient. Attached to the end of the board is an iron rest outfitted with heat-resistant silicone pads. This serves as a safe and reliable spot to rest your iron as it warms up and cools down. This iron rest has multiple slots to hang articles of clothing within reach. The board has 4 height settings that can be adjusted with a quick push of a lever. This deluxe ironing board can be folded down for compact storage. It can easily hang behind a door, on the wall or inside a closet. The modern matte finish and functionality of this ironing board make it the prime choice for anyone looking to complete their daily ironing in style.


– The high-quality mesh steel top allows heat and steam to easily pass through fabric for crisp, wrinkle-free results that other perforated steel tops can’t provide.
– This deluxe ironing board is a chic method of accomplishing excellent ironing results with its 4 durable legs and various height settings.
– Helps iron button-ups, slacks, bed sheets, tablecloths and more to perfection with its FiberTech cover and thick 6mm fiber pad.
– Includes sturdy hex legs with skid-resistant foot caps and convenient iron rest.
– Ironing board measures 54 inches L x 14 inches W x 41 inches H when in use; 62.75 inches H x 3 inches H when folded

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