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Hover-1 Rogue Hoverboard, Built-in Bluetooth Speaker, Blue

  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
  • 500W of Motor Power
  • 10-incha Tires

If you’ve got portability, durability, and flexibility on your mind, then the Rouge hoverboard should be your first choice. This foldable hoverboard makes it easy to bring with you wherever you go. Whether you’re hoverboarding to work or back to the dorm from class, the color-changing LED lights will light the way. When you’ve arrived, just fold it up into a compact and easy-to-carry ride. It’s time to go rogue with the Rogue hoverboard. Ideal for all types of riding, this board features 10″ wheels for a comfortable ride. Take it for a spin and fall in love with your ideal daily riding experience.

  • App Connectivity: Control Your Light Color & Use Learning Modes
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
  • Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Max Speed: 9 mph
  • Max Distance: 7 miles
  • Max Weight: 264 lbs
  • 500W of Motor Power
  • 10-inch Tires
  • App Connectivity: 10-incha Tires
  • Battery: 10-incha Tires
  • Max Speed: 10-incha Tires
  • Max Distance: 10-incha Tires
  • Max Weight: 10-incha Tires
  • Brand: 10-incha Tires
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 10-incha Tires
  • Color: 10-incha Tires







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