HART 2-Pack 20-Volt 4ah Batteries and Dual


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HART 2-Pack 20-Volt 4ah Batteries and Dual Function Inflator

  • Brand: HART

The 2-pack of HART 20V 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery is an excellent addition, or start to, any DIYer s HART tool collection. This battery is compatible with all HART 20V power tools. It features Lithium-Ion technology to give you long-lasting and fade-free power to get you through any project you decide to take on.

This kit includes the HART 20V Dual-Function Inflator. HART s 20V Dual-Function Inflator is an excellent addition to any tool collection or car emergency kit. Pump your car tire from flat to full in under 4 minutes or fill your twin air mattress in under 45 seconds with 0-150 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). This inflator features an auto-shutoff for hands-free use and an onboard LED light to enhance visibility in in roadside emergencies. This inflator has a digital gauge that allows for precise pressure readings in low-light situations. Due to the high volume and high pressure this inflator can provide, this tool is perfect for automotive and in-home use no matter what you need to inflate from car tires to air mattresses and pool toys! This inflator comes with multiple accessories including a high pressure air hose, high pressure nozzle, presta valve attachment, sports needle, high volume hose and pinch valve nozzle. This kit also includes a Fast Charger that charges up to 3X faster than a standard charger.






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