Gizoon Outdoor Storage Cabinet, Wooden Garden Shed with Waterproof Roof


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Gizoon Outdoor Storage Cabinet, Wooden Garden Shed with Waterproof Roof

  • Dimensions: 34.2 In. W X 63.2 In. H X 18.3 In. D
  • Model Number: CC30G
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Grey
  • Product Features: Double Door


This wooden outdoor tool room is an ideal storage solution. It has two doors, 63Inch high, with three floors inside, providing sufficient storage space for your tools and equipment. The roof is waterproof, which can protect your valuables from the infringement of rain. In addition, it has two colors to choose from. You can choose the color that is best for you according to your preference. This wooden outdoor tool room is a full -featured, durable and practical product, and is an ideal choice for your storage tools and equipment.


– 3 layers of moving built -in partitions: The built -in partition can take out a larger storage space to facilitate stored large tools.
– Two doors can be locked: you can lock to ensure the safety of your garden tools.
– Waterproof roof: The tilted and waterproof roof can effectively protect the tool room to avoid damage to rain and snow, and can use it longer.
– Bringing a pad: You can install the height on the uneven ground.
– Easy to assemble: the structure is simple and solid, and it is easy to install.


Color options: Natural / Grey

Product size: 18.3″D x 34.3″W x 63.2″H

Package size: 38.19″L x 35.43″W x 7.87″H

Item weight: 53 pounds

Package weight: 59 pounds

Package quantity: 1 box

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