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Brio 700 Series Self Cleaning 3-5 Gallon Capacity Bottom Load Custom Tri Temp Touchless Dispense Water Cooler Dispenser Ranging From 39-59A F Cold, 174a 194A F Hot and Room Temperature Water Settings

  • Touchless panel display
  • Night light
  • Self-cleaning switch

Revitalize with clean water from the Brio 700 Series moderna touchless bottom loading 3-5 gallon capacity water cooler dispenser with custom setting tri-temperature 39-59 Degrees cold, 174 194 degrees hot and room temperature. Refueling with fresh, clarified water has never been easier; simply wave your hand in front of the digital control panel to activate the single-sensor technology to dispense crisp water. Dispensing water has never been more convenient and sanitary. Tuck away undesirable water bottles with the lower cabinet storage. Replacing bulky water bottles has transformed into an effortless and hassle-free process with this feature. The illuminated display panel allows you to control water temperature, a clock, nightlight, and child lock to ensure everyone s safety while utilizing the Brio Moderna. Trust in a water system that leads in innovation and health.

  • Adjustable hot & cold water: bottom loading water cooler dispenser choose a personalized temperature for the cold and hot output
  • Safety features: never worry about accidental pouring of hot water again with the 2-step dispensing on the hot-water spout to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, the child-safety lock prevents any accidents from occurring
  • Bottom- load water dispenser: the cabinet fits 3-5 gallon capacity jugs
  • Self- cleaning ozone: minimal maintenance with the water cooler that utilizes a self-cleaning feature
  • Long lasting and powerful: this durable cooler is made of premium stainless steel that ensure years of use
  • Touchless panel display
  • Night light
  • Self-cleaning switch
  • Bottom- load water dispenser: Self-cleaning switch
  • Self- cleaning ozone: Self-cleaning switch
  • Long lasting and powerful: Self-cleaning switch
  • Brand: Self-cleaning switch
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Self-cleaning switch
  • Manufacturer: Self-cleaning switch
  • Assembled Product Weight: Self-cleaning switch
  • Color: Self-cleaning switch
  • Model: Self-cleaning switch
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): Self-cleaning switch
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Dimensions40.5 × 12 × 13.5 cm