Backyard X-Scapes Split Bamboo Slats Fencing


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Backyard X-Scapes Split Bamboo Slats Fencing Carbonized Finish 72 in H x 192 in L

  • Brand: Backyard X-Scapes
  • Manufacturer: Backyard X-Scapes
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 20-BSC6
  • Color: Carbonized

Create a rustic backyard look and feel with a raw split Bamboo fencing that is spaced enough to allow for some filtered light, yet private enough to create a feeling of seclusion. Versatile eco-friendly, sustainable material, the Split Bamboo Slats fence in Carbonized is the perfect solution to beautify a chain link fence or to hide unattractive old fence. Use it as an outdoor screening, fencing, or simply as a decorative backdrop and revamp your backyard. Installing the bamboo fence is easy, simply use zip ties to attach to the support.

  • STRENGTH: Bamboo’s beauty is more than just skin-deep. In fact, bamboo is one of the strongest building materials available. Working with it gives you a finished product that will be tougher and more durable than other options.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Compare bamboo to other materials and you’ll see that few options offer its style, strength and sustainability at a comparable price point.
  • VERSATILITY: Bamboo has a characteristic look and feel, but it isn’t limited in its design potential.
  • USAGE: Best solution to beautify chain link fence and add charm to your garden landscape. Split bamboo screen fencing is ready to install and easy to care for with low maintenance
  • MEASUREMENTS: Carbonized Split Bamboo Slats Screening Fence measures 72″ h x 192″ L. Raw Bamboo poles split in small slats of approximately 5/8, slats are not treated
  • The split bamboo fencing panel construction comes ready to be installed and give consumers the ability to easily and quickly attach it to a support. (Support not included)
  • In dry, moderate climates Split Bamboo Fencing can last approximately 2-3 years. In harsher climates that experience heavy rains, high humidity and drastic changes in climate it will be significantly shorter (approximately 6 months-1 year).
  • Backyard X-Scapes Split Bamboo Fencing is made of natural bamboo from the Anji Mountain located in China, slats are interwoven with 9 galvanized wire.

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