30 Peony/Hydrangea/Dahlia Wreath


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30 Peony/Hydrangea/Dahlia Wreath

  • Accent Type: Artificial Wreaths
  • Color: Red
  • Commercial: Yes
  • Product Features: Handmade
  • Dimensions: 30.0 In. L X 30.0 In. W X 5.0 In. H
  • Model Number: HYX60036

Charming decoration large peony/hydrangea/dahlia wreath. This handcrafted wreath is filled with gorgeous leaves and red/pink/green peony dahlia. This wreath is perfect to use as an indoor display to enhance your interior decor, or as elegant home decor as well. Bright and uplifting, it’s the perfect wreath for any home decor. This beautiful large peony/hydrangea/dahlia flowers wreath has a delicate soft feeling to touch and an elegant look for any home decoration.

They make the perfect accent piece of the dahlia/peony flowers for your living room and dining room table and add a touch of timeless beauty to your home with this exquisite design wreath.

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