18.5 Baby Dolls Toys Full Body Silicone Reborn Bebe Accompanying Doll


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18.5 Baby Dolls Toys Full Body Silicone Reborn Bebe Accompanying Doll

  • Age Range: 5 – 7 Years
  • Brand: Cosdoll
  • Assembled Product Weight: 7.61 lbs
  • Manufacturer: Cosdoll

COSDOLL is a family-owned and operated art & craft store. Combined, we have over 15 years of experience in sculpting, painting, and hairstyling. We are proud to present the newset addition to our collection, realistic baby dolls. Carefully crafted by hand, every detail is meticulously created to produce the most realistic baby dolls. Our dolls are a delight to hold and collect. They are created with only the highest quality eco-flex silicone, platinum silicone, and the finest paints and sealants in the industry. Our dolls are weighted for added realism and look and feel like a real baby. They even smell like one baby!

Baby Dolls Toys Full Body Silicone Reborn Doll Birthday Gifts

– Silicone material real touch : All COSDOLL Newborn dolls are made of platinum silicone. Because it is made of solid silicone design, it is heavier than other dolls on the market, which is closer to the “real” baby’s weight, This is closer to reality, and every detail is designed to be lifelike. It is made of soft and safe silicone, safe and non-toxic, and does not contain PVE.
– Realistic silicone baby doll design : Each doll is a soft and realistic design, elastic skin, delicate facial features! Because the doll is soft, you will hold it like a real baby and hold it upright. The baby doll needs your help in bathing, changing clothes, and in any position. When you receive the doll, you feel that the doll is greasy, Don’t panic, you can apply cool powder after bathing the doll, it will not be greasy.
– Perfect Gift :Because the full body silicone doll will be stored for a long time and will not be damaged, it is very suitable for midwives, maternity wards, and all teaching areas dealing with premature babies or small babies. Also suitable for children over 6 years old, doll collectors, moms, Alzheimer’s patients,s, etc. This is the perfect gift.

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