13FT Double Rope Hammocks, Traditional Hand Woven Cotton Hammock


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13FT Double Rope Hammocks, Traditional Hand Woven Cotton Hammock

– Hammock Material: Soft-spun cotton rope
– Spreader Bars Material: Hardwood
– O-Rings Material: Stainless Steel
– Bed Dimension: 74 x 60 inches
– Overall Length (Ring to Ring): 130 inches
– Stand Dimension:154in x 44.5in x 36.5in


– Cotton Rope Hammock This Cotton Rope Hammock is hand-woven with cotton rope which is extremely comfortable and durable. The breathable mesh design eliminates the need for knotting inside the rope bed itself. It does not only provide the comfort, but also maintain the air circulation while relaxing on our hammock.
– Lattice-Weave Design The intricate lattice-weave provides 3 times the support of normal rope hammocks for a floating on air sensation, and protects you from the painful rope burns on your skin.
– Hardwood Spreader Bar Hardwood spreader bars are 60 inches wide which are wider than normal cotton rope hammock. Features countersunk spreader bar holes that reduce the severity of the friction between rope and wood, making it more stable and stylish.
– Spacious Double Hammock The bed dimension is 74 x 60 inches and the maximum length of the entire rope hammock can be 13 ft. The length between ring and ring is 130 inches without any force on it. Additionally, the weight capacity of the rope hammock can reach to 450 pounds which allows 2 adults to cuddle in the hammock. It s time to share this hammock with your loved ones!
– Wide Use This hammock is perfect for patio, backyard, poolside or beach. It brings you an amazing experience no matter you are reading a book alone or chilling under the sunset with your family members or friends.

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